Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Talking of shuttles.....

So I didn't have to wait 24 hours to order my Imperial Shuttle after all - it showed up as "available now" on the UK LEGO shop@home website yesterday afternoon (i.e. a few hours early) and I gleefully put my order in with indecent haste. LEGO have recently been offering free postage on all orders over £25, and this offer was due to run until 31st August, so I managed to save £5.25 shipping costs. OK, so it's a drop in the ocean compared with the £239.99 purchase price, but it all helps...... Anyway, I got an e-mail timed at 05.25 this morning telling me that the set had been shipped, so DHL permitting I should have a LEGO-tastic weekend to look forward to.

Talking of shuttles, I've always had a bit of a thing for the space shuttle, and I've therefore been on a longstanding quest to snap up all the (many) space shuttle sets that LEGO have released over the years. I was therefore delighted to find one that I didn't already have over the weekend on Ebay. It's set number 1682 "Space Shuttle Launch" and it was apparently only ever on sale in the U.S., which is presumably why I've never previously seen one for sale in the UK. Anyway, here's the set :

I managed to bag it, complete with box and building instructions, for a little over £30 + postage and it should be on its way as I type. At least I hope it is (!). If you want more info about this set then click on the following link :

Space Shuttle Launch

At this point I'd really like to plug one of my favourite LEGO-related sites. Brickset (URL is a fantastic resource for LEGO enthusiasts, containing set descriptions and photographs of most of the sets that LEGO have made over the years going back to the 60's and beyond, as well as a facility to store an inventory of all your sets and minifigures, news, and tons more. The photo of set 1682 that I've linked to above is on Brickset, as is the set description. I'd really encourage anyone with even a passing interest in LEGO to visit and check it out if they haven't already come across it - it's brilliant ! And no, I have no financial interest in the site, in case you're wondering !

OK, that's it from me today. More tomorrow.

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  1. I was a little too young when this set came out, but when I ran across it in my older age I fell in love! It reminds me of a larger Alpha-1 Rocket Base. Nice to see you still had all the parts.