Thursday, 9 September 2010

Favourite Sets #2 : Santa Fe Super Chief

Today's star set is 10020 Santa Fe Super Chief, released in 2002.

There's no two ways about it - I absolutely love this set. Stunning attention to detail, a lovely colour scheme, and it's functional as well as beautiful, running on both the old 9V rail track and the newer non-electrified rails.

While the locomotive isn't motorised out of the box, it will accomodate an old 9V motor. It also appears that it'll accomodate the newer Power Functions battery box, motor and infra-red receiver, so it's forwards-compatible !

The year 2002 also saw the release of two further sets which meant you could add coaches to your Santa Fe loco - 10025 Santa Fe Cars Set 1 and 10022 Santa Fe Cars Set 2. These two sets, which are now highly prized and hence rather expensive (I'd love a whole train's worth but can't really justify buying more than one of each set right now) contained parts and instructions for making a mail car or a baggage car (Set 1) and a sleeping car, observation car or dining car (Set 2), but unfortunately only one car from each set could be built at any one time. Below you can see a photo of my Super Chief pulling an observation car :

The Santa Fe Super Chief set also includes 2 minifigs, who I assume are the train driver and his mechanic, and here they are posing proudly in front of their locomotive :

A gorgeous set, and a worthy addition to my favourites list.

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