LEGO Glossary

Just some of the acronyms, abbreviations and terms used in the LEGO building community. I'll add to this list as I use more terms in the posts.

ABS : Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. What dreams are made of - the tough thermoplastic from which most LEGO elements are fashioned. Its chemical formula, as everybody of course knows, is (C8H8)x· (C4H6)y·(C3H3N)z. Apparently.
AFOL : Adult Fan of Lego
Bley (or Light Bley): Shorthand for the colour Light Bluish Grey, known as Medium Stone by the LEGO company.
BOLOCs : Built Of Lots Of Colours - a model made up of parts in multiple colours, generally by necessity rather than design, and usually the work of young children, as in "That kid's model is BOLOCs"
BURP : Big Ugly Rock Piece - a large prefabricated section of LEGO rock face, bigger than a LURP, and an example of POOP. Click here to view.
Dark Ages : That time in the life of an AFOL when they lose interest in LEGO and take up other interests, hopefully to regain their passion for LEGO at a later date....
Dark Bley : Shorthand for the colour Dark Bluish Grey, known as Dark Stone by the LEGO company.
DSS : Dreaded Sticker Sheet - a sheet of stickers supplied with a LEGO set and designed to be applied to the LEGO pieces. Does anybody like sticking these on ? Not me.
eBrowsing : Idly browsing the eBay listings for LEGO
Greebles : surface detailing on a model
IMHO : In My Humble Opinion
LDD : Lego Digital Designer - free software for PC and Mac that lets you build LEGO models virtually. Up until 2012 you could upload your designs to LEGO and order the pieces to build your masterpiece, but alas no more.
LUG : LEGO User Group, e.g. the Brickish Association. An organisation of LEGO fans independent from the LEGO company.
LURP : Little Ugly Rock Piece - a large prefabricated section of LEGO rock face, smaller than a BURP, and an example of POOP. Click here to view.
MISB : Mint In Sealed Box
MOC : My Own Creation - a model designed by an enthusiast rather than the LEGO company
MOCing : Verb - the process of making a MOC
MRSP : Manufacturer's Recommended Selling Price
Parts Monkey : The self-sacrificing individual whose job it is to find the LEGO parts needed for a build, freeing up someone else to concentrate solely on the building itself.
POOP : Parts Out of Other Parts - huge, ugly pieces that could (and should) have been made from existing smaller parts rather than moulded in one massive offensive lump of plastic.
RRP : Recommended Retail Price
S@H : LEGO Shop at Home, where you can buy LEGO online and direct from the LEGO company. In the UK you can find the site at
SNOT : Studs Not On Top - a building technique where pieces are rotated so that the studs on the bricks don't face upwards
STAMPs : STickers Across Multiple Parts - the deeply unpopular phenomenon of stickers covering multiple parts simultaneously, meaning that when deconstructing a set you either have to carefully remove and somehow save the sticker, or else leave the sticker attached and lose the ability to use those pieces for anything else. LEGO thankfully seem to be doing this much less these days....
TRU : Toys R Us - a major toy retailer in the UK and the US
UCS : Ultimate Collector Series -  big, detailed sets designed for display rather than play
USP : Unique Selling Point