Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The 2011 Gimme LEGO Readers Choice Award.....

....goes to Set 10217 Diagon Alley !

574 people voted in the end, and the final result was in doubt literally right up until the final minute of voting. Three sets - Diagon Alley, Set 7066 Earth Defense HQ and Set 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van were running pretty much running neck and neck until the last couple of days, at which point the VW camper van fell away somewhat, leaving Diagon Alley and Earth Defense HQ to fight it out; in the end, Diagon Alley won by just one vote !

While I have to confess that I voted for the Alien Defense HQ set, Diagon Alley is a worthy winner of the award. As I stated in my Gimme LEGO Awards blog posting a couple of weeks back, "The design of the buildings brings to mind the revered modular building range, and the variety and quality of the minifigures means that there's something for everybody".

The final rankings can be found below (click to enlarge) :

It was pleasing to see that all the nominations got some votes as every one of them is a good set IMHO. I have to admit to being surprised that "None of the above" didn't get more votes, however. Furthermore, only a handful of people who chose this option gave details of their favourite set; Alien Conquest Set 7051 Tripod Invader was the most mentioned set in this regard.

And here's something for the statto's out there. The poll ran for a total of 10 days, during which time there were 4,689 unique visitors to Gimme LEGO who between them racked up about 11,500 page views. Given that 574 votes were placed, that means that only 12.2% of visitors, or approximately 1 in 8, voted. So the conclusion ? Gimme LEGO readers don't seem particularly interested in polls....!

Thanks to all who voted, and hearty congratulations to those within the LEGO company who were responsible for taking the winning Diagon Alley set from concept to reality - we salute you !


  1. Richard Selby4/1/12

    Yes, I do like reading your blog, but rarely feel the need to vote in polls like this. They feel a little, ahem, juvenile.

  2. Dvanes6/1/12

    Just give in to your inner child :)

  3. I think 12% voting is actually really high! I am a regular reader of your blog, but somehow missed the entire poll. Surprised that Earth Defense HQ ranked so high! Not complaining, just surprised. Another 2 Diagon Alley's arrived the other day, bringing my total to 3. It would be cool to combine them all into one HUGE set! :)

    I have most of the sets on the list, I think Unimog is the only one I won't end up with. I'll pick up the camper van soon, and the podracers sometime when it is on sale. It's already been on sale A LOT!