Friday, 8 July 2011

It's arrived !

Just a quick heads-up that since my last update, unreleased Set 10221 Super Star Destroyer, which I'm building for the Brickish Association exhibition at the National Space Centre next weekend, has now thankfully arrived.

Building is underway, and the minifigures have been liberated from their polybag prisons, although Dengar below looks like he'd have rather stayed where he was....

I'll continue to take pics as I go along, and will post a full review when I'm done.

And if you want to see the finished model "in the flesh", don't forget to add the National Space Centre exhibition to your calendars - 16th and 17th July - and I'll see you there !

Super Star Destroyer review Part 1 -->


  1. NFreak0078/7/11

    So jealous! Hoping for more pics, etc ASAP!

  2. Martin9/7/11

    Me too! Can't wait to see the build and review!