Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Who wants to be a Millionaire ?

A few days ago Gimme LEGO became a pageview millionaire.

Not bad going for an infrequently-updated LEGO-focused blog founded less than 4 years ago I reckon, so please indulge me while I pause briefly and celebrate this milestone.

The last time I wrote a celebratory piece was back in August 2012 when I marked Gimme LEGO's second birthday. On that occasion I shared a list of the top ten most popular posts on the site since launch. The most viewed article back then - my two-part review of Set 10221 Super Star Destroyer (below) ahead of its release - continues to occupy the number one slot now, almost 2 years later. This is mainly because a number of other sites linked to the review back when it was first published and have continued to refer visitors ever since.

Below you can see an updated list of the top ten most read Gimme LEGO posts ever, ranked in descending order of pageviews. The saga of my recreation of cavegod's UCS AT-AT was split into a number of different posts; the first of these was the third most viewed Gimme LEGO post ever, and also attracted more comments (56 to date and counting) than any other. Event reports are clearly of interest, making up a relatively small proportion of posts but occupying half of the top ten slots, and the end-of-year Gimme LEGO awards also seem to be popular - although only the 2012 awards made the top ten, if I'd extended the list to the top fourteen posts ever then the 2011 and 2013 awards would also have made the cut.

1. Set 10221 UCS Super Star Destroyer

2. LEGO Star Wars UCS Exhibition, National Space Centre July 2011

3. Building the Perfect Beast : The UCS AT-AT

4. MOC City Layout - Change of Plan

5. Great Western LEGO Show 2010

6. AFOLCON 2012

7. LEGO Inside Tour 2013

8. The Gimme LEGO Awards 2012

9. Great Western LEGO Show 2011

10. Sneak Peek : Star Wars Miniland

One small caveat to the ranked listing above is that fixed pages such as the Index of Previous Posts and Bargain Hunt listings are excluded; if they're factored into the equation then the most visited Gimme LEGO page ever is, as it turns out, the Bargain Hunt page with 50% more visits than any other. Go Bargain Hunters !

A third of all pageviews since Gimme LEGO started out have come from the US and around 20% from the UK, with Germany in third place; the other countries making up the top ten can be seen below. Overall, a total of 185 countries are represented in the readership to date, with 23 countries including Syria, Somalia, the Congo and Angola providing a solitary pageview each....

As well as giving me the perfect excuse to unleash my inner anorak and share some site stats, milestones like this are a great opportunity for me to thank readers of Gimme LEGO for visiting the site and reading my ramblings. Thanks also to those people whose support and encouragement helps to keep me motivated and posting stuff on here and the recently-launched Gimme LEGO Facebook and Twitter pages. And finally, particular thanks are due to Huw from Brickset for all manner of technical assistance and for allowing me to make frequent use of Brickset's library of images and data, without which my postings would undoubtedly be shorter, more boring to look at, and less informative. OK, so shorter might be a good thing, but hopefully you get my drift.... Thanks again, and leg godt to all.


  1. Anonymous8/7/14

    Less views from Canada than from Germany. Are the Canadian people so shy?

  2. Hi. Just wanted to say Congratulations on becoming a pageview millionaire! Nice job. Keep it up!