Monday, 17 March 2014

Social Phobia

OK, I admit it - I've been slow to embrace the 'joys' of social media, be it Facebook, Twitter or whatever. It hasn't however escaped my notice that lots of people do seem to like these communication tools and spend a lot of time using them, so I figured it was about time I dusted off my Facebook account, signed up to Twitter, and had a bit of a play to see what all the fuss was about.

Having now done a bit of exploring, I'm starting to see why people spend so much time using these.... Still, at least I have something tangible to show for all my stumbling about in the dark - there's now a Gimme LEGO Facebook page and a Gimme LEGO Twitter page. At the most basic level, if you visit these pages and click 'Like' and 'Follow' respectively you'll get a notification like the Facebook example below when I post something new on Gimme LEGO.

Use of these tools also opens up a few interesting new possibilities. I've tended to stick to a fairly rigid template on Gimme LEGO consisting of generally lengthy articles which are usually posted a couple of weeks apart; use of Facebook and Twitter makes it easier for me to share snippets of news or information, juicy bargains etc. which wouldn't merit a blog posting of their own, as well as allowing me to highlight interesting LEGO-related articles that I've come across. They also offer additional ways for readers to interact with Gimme LEGO if they wish.

Feel free to click here and here if you want to follow Gimme LEGO on Facebook and Twitter respectively, or else click on the Facebook and/or Twitter icons at the top of the right sidebar when you're ready; I see a few folks have already signed up, so welcome ! Hopefully these services will be a useful addition to Gimme LEGO, and if experienced users have suggestions for content or anything else then please get in touch.


  1. Anonymous17/3/14

    WTF is happening to you, Dave ? First Twitter and now Facebook.

    I want the real Dr Dave back - I'm afraid of the trendy one.


    1. Ha - touche !

      Although it's a LONG time since I've been described as "trendy"....